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GreekAPPs uses new technologies to give the modern guest a complete travel experience.


The success of our Apps compared to other travel apps lies in our direct focus on individual islands rather than the entire country or larger regions. This allows us to provide in-depth information about the region and its businesses, allowing users to manage their trip – whether in the planning stage or on the go, once they get here – as seamlessly and with as much knowledge as possible, and in the palm of their hand.


With Google Maps, Photos, GPS directions and detailed information, AeginaAPP is a useful tool that puts all the Island’s information at the fingertips of those planning to visit the Island and those who will use it once they are here.


Promoting your business on AeginaAPP will increase your visibility to all visitors and potential visitors holidaying on our beautiful island.


Through a dynamically organised Marketing Network, Travellers are informed about the existence and usefulness of our Applications.


Travellers download free of charge on his/her mobile phone the Application or Applications that interest them depending on their destination


From the comfort of their home they have all the time at their disposal to familiarise themselves with the sights and businesses of the island


By using the Tools of the App they will organise their travel and stay schedule by saving all the places they want to stay or visit.


Making Use of the Offers and Unbeatable Prices we offer they will make reservations of Accommodation, Air & Ferry Tickets they need


At the start and during their trip, travellers can access the Application at any time for any details they need to clarify.


Upon arrival at their destination, guests will use the App’s GPS to find their way to their hotel or any other destination they choose


Throughout their holiday they will use the App as the best guide to the area and its attractions!


They will use it at any time to find out about Restaurants, Cafes, Activities and Events happening somewhere near them!

1- Consumers spend more time on applications than they do on the public internet
2- Application advertising allows you to target the right customer with greater accuracy
3- Ads in applications are more rewarding
4- Our Applications use Geolocation (maps) and through them suggest to the User the closest companies, services, locations. Now, wherever you are, they can find you exactly when you need them.
5- Applications have a low cost of participation compared to other, traditional ways of advertising and promoting businesses.


The AeginaAPP Partner Subscription is Annual and includes all the necessary information of your business so that visitors can find you easily.

  1. Log in immediately after completing your Registration
  2. Start building your Business profile.
  3. Send your message to our thousands of Users looking to find you!

There is no additional fees and hidden charges.