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  • gaudermilan

    leave the touristic restaurant on the harbour behind, come to this local place
    we struggled to find an authentic, fish restaurant at the bay. they were all touristic. but then we have found the fish market, and right behind a place full of locals and great fish and sea food. cheap, nice, cosy, local.

  • Jo B

    We stumbled upon this little place during our stay in Aegina on our first evening. Wanted to take a couple of ouzos in and absorb the atmosphere of the street life around. The restaurant is situated near the fish market (a lot smelly, but it’s a fish market!) It is situated next door to “Geladakis restaurant” They look like one place with all the tables and chairs matching, but each has it’s own ouzeri area inside. As we enjoyed our drinks, the atmosphere was great, plenty of Greek families tucking into their meals the whole evening. The young man who looked after us was absolutely wonderful. He had a good sense of humour and gave us plenty of information about the islands. He also treated us to a free sample of Aegina’s version of Raki (which i can’t remember the name) We decided to visit for dinner the next evening and were remembered by the young man, who once again looked after us so well. They had no squid left, so had some prepared from the fish market for us. It was gorgeous and the sald served was so tasty and fresh. Whilst we waited we were given a gorgeous olive tapenade and bread. Prices were quite cheap for food and drinks. We had a lovely experience.

  • Nikos.K

    Όλα εξαιρετικά. Φρέσκια ψάρια σε τιμές προσιτές όπως θα έπρεπε να είναι παντού. Προτείνω καλαμάρι ψητό και γαριδάκι οπωσδήποτε. Ωραίο και το σημείο ειδικά μεσημέρι χωρίς πολύ κόσμο.

  • L6729AB_

    Όντως στέκι
    Ανέλπιστα ένα αξιόλογο εστιατόριο θαλασσινών.το μειονέκτημα λόγω θέσης δίπλα στην ψαραγορά και κάποιοι μπορεί να ενοχλούνται από την μυρωδιά. Μικρός χώρος εσωτερικά κ εξωτερικά άνετα με αρκετά τραπέζια. Τα θαλασσινά φρέσκα και καλομαγηρεμένα.γευστικα πιάτα κ ικανοποιητικές μερίδες. Γρήγορο σέρβις κ ευγενικό. Προπάντων φυσιολογικές τιμές. Το συστήνω και θα το επισκεφθώ ξανά με νέες φώτο.

  • andyinessex

    Ακριβώς εκεί στην αγορά ψαριών.
    Αυτός ο τόπος υπήρξε εκεί για πάντα και ως εκ τούτου συχνάζει από τους ντόπιους Έλληνες. Εξαιρετικά φρέσκα θαλασσινά.

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